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EGGNOGG+ is here!, with many cool new features...

- Deeper, more nuanced swordplay. Trap and press your opponent's blade, push them off-balance and force them into a pit of spikes or stab them in the legs. Disarm them with a perfectly timed parry and thrust. Execute the FLECHE and run them through with a surprise attack.

- Funkier maps.

- Slide down the walls. You know you love it.

- Controller config

- More tunes

- More colours

- SKELETONS and BUGS (scorpions, not glitches) and stuff

What's New:

Added two new maps, just in time for STABMAS. Have fun stabbing! And don't forget to stab this holiday.


EGGNOGG+, a competitive arcade game of immortals sword-fighting to the death.

Stab each other, hurl and ricochet your swords off of the walls and ceilings, engage in pugilism, jump over spike pits to make it past your eternal foe and reach the far end of the strange complex. Hurl yourself triumphantly, and finally, into the EGGNOGG.

Includes procedurally generated bytebeat tunes that you can edit live, and also create additional songs.

Created originally for the 2013 March TOJam as a re-imagining and parody of NIDHOGG (while awaiting the release of NIDHOGG).

EGGNOGG+/EGGNOGG is awesome on custom arcade cabinets.

EGGNOGG was a finalist at the 2014 Canadian Videogame Awards!

Youtubers/Let's Players: Feel free to record and do whatever you like with videos of EGGNOGG/EGGNOGG+

More at madgarden.net follow @madgarden on Twitter


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EGGNOGG+ Windows 661 kB
EGGNOGG+ Linux 208 kB
EGGNOGG (classic) for Windows 612 kB
EGGNOGG (classic) for Linux 142 kB
EGGNOGG (classic) for OSX 1 MB


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Madgarden could you please add a different kinds of swords? Like Claymores, Katanas, two handed swords, and more.

Hmm, maaaybe. I was actually focusing more on the unarmed combat for EGGNOGG Rumble. But I do want to add some other weapons... like a spiked boomerang shield.

I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but maybe you could add some sort of storyline. And maybe a map where you can select the place you want to fight. And extra moves like struggling. Also I agree with techCF idea about new weapons, though I don't really see the utility of shurikens, as you can already throw your weapons. One last thing: it would be soooo nice if there were some intrusion levels.

When I think back at it, I realize the idea about the intrusion levels is not so good.

My new version will have lots of cool stuff. ;)

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I can't wait for it! When will you release it?

Some time this spring/summer probably.

I have seen screenshots where the player can choose the fight mode. How can I do that?

That's from a really old build actually.

P.S. In what language are you developing this game?


And what game engine are you using (if you use any)?

No engine, but I use SDL and OpenGL for the windowing, input, sound, and graphics support.

Could you please add a single player mode AND a network multiplayer mode? Also, it would be nice if there were other weapons (e.g sticks, duelling swords, knifes, shurikens, etc). I love this game!

Yes, I'll see what I can do for EGGNOGG RUMBLE. It has suplexes and piledrivers, that's a nice start eh?


How much will rumble cost?

Also When do you think it will be available. I am DYING to play this game

Not sure of the price yet. And probably some time in the spring once my schedule clears up a bit.

What is on the other side of the nogg on karate mode I keep trying to jump there but I can never get it


Madgarden should make a world which is like a sword arena and you win if you killed your opponent more times than he killed you

Yes I might do a mode like that in Rumble.

IS eggnogg rumble up yet

Not yet, have other bigger projects to finish up first. Still chipping away at it though.

ok i got an issue launching the game .It looks like this https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/aBRTmvuQdrneMkuI...

can someone help me to fix this ... i'm addict .... need to play ....gargorgl .

Check your video driver?


It happens to me too on all Windows 10 systems I have... whatever I try to use with compatibility mode. I am not sure this excellent game works on a Windows 10 system. so saaaaad!

Is there a way to know when the games gets an update?? I've been playing this game in those time were Nidhogg didn't came out, and holy cows, this game is pretty cool, so... Is there a way to get like a change log or some updates?

Hmm, well if you subscribe on itchio it should give you a notification when a new version is posted I think. I don't have any sort of update reporting mechanism myself right now though.

Hmmmm... How do I subscribe?? New to itchio :S

I believe if you follow Madgarden or EGGNOGG on itch, then it will show updates in the feed: https://itch.io/my-feed Also I get emails for updates on games I've bought. Check your Email Notification settings for your account here.

Any chance that we can get a single-player mode in the future?

Yes, EGGNOGG Rumble will have a single player mode.

You should try and put this on xbox as an indie game

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I have a problem, when I open the game I see it different comparing with gameplays, more squared with less colours. I tried pressing f11 as someone said but just amplify the screen xD help!

Does F1 or F2 help?

(Edited 1 time) (+1)

that would be awesome. Definitely if I could, would love to be part of that


is there any like rough beta of the game whatsoever that we could play. Like to just have fun with until the game is ou


Not yet, but thinking I might start a private beta soon to get some testing and feedback.

This is an amazing game all my friends and I play it and have played it since it came out. Dying to play a bit of rumble

Whenever I open the game (Eggnogg+ for Windows), my screen goes black. This is really annoying and I do not know what to do. Please help.

Do you have the very latest version? Anyway if that happens, press F1 to change window size, or F11 to toggle fullscreen. That will fix it.

thanks it works now!

Could you verify the build date (in the text scroller)? Because I thought I had fixed this issue...

Any news on when the release date or beta of any kind is?

No set date... possibly late winter or early spring.

In which language did you code this game ? Will you turn eggnog as an open source software ?

It's programmed in C. I don't have any plans in the short term, but down the road who knows.

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